2019 Flower Trends Revealed in Four Inspired Design Styles

Posted by Joe Barnes on October 16 2018

First-look: Next year’s floral trends!

The annual Flower Trends Forecast, published by International Floral Distributors (IFD) is widely regarded as the floral industry’s “first-look” into the trending color schemes, accents and flowers for the coming year. Its selections are based on the input of experts in evaluating the buying habits of brides, event designers, and floral professionals. With this intelligence in-hand, the forecast team painstakingly reviews different configurations of color and texture until a worthy collection is ready for the public.

This week saw the unveiling of 2019’s Flower Trends, in all its multimedia glory! Download the PDF of next year's trends for a detailed menu of color values, flower choices and other valuable references covering the content contained in this post.

In conjunction with IFD’s Flower Trends sponsors, veteran floral stylist Michael Skaff AIFD, PFCI, AAF was commissioned in early 2018 to study consumer preferences and provide four inspirational floral themes for 2019 weddings and upscale events.

Forest Walk

Flower Trends Forecast 2019-  Forest Walk



Dark, bold hues from vines, ferns, mushrooms and berries convey a woodsy comfort from this rich combination. Forest Walk uses nature’s most compelling patterns and colors: amber yellow, shades of plum and burgundy, along with greenish-blues fit nicely with earthy-browns and muted neutrals. Anemones, celosia, Green Ball carnations, orchids, thistles, yarrow, kangaroo paws and country Green mums take the spotlight in this majestic theme.

A few recommended items for use in Forest Walk are Syndicate's Weathered Oak Vase, Oasis Natural Bind Wire, Natural Wrap, and other Earthy delights available in our online supply store.

Ethereal Bliss

Flower Trends Forecast 2019-  Ethereal Bliss



Sage and Lavender are the dominant color-sentries of this recipe for a mythical, other-worldly floral creation. Roses, dahlias and astilbe inject gorgeous neutral pinks that offer a romantic warmth to Ethereal Bliss’s rich base tones. The rich browns of marble, leather, wood grain, bronze and copper can offer a delightful contrast, especially when paired with frosted accents or velvety fabrics. Gray and gray-green foliage like dusty miller, sage, and seeded eucalyptus dance with the surrounding flowers in a harmonious celebration of beauty.

You can start assembling your raw materials for Ethereal Bliss by browsing our supply store for Syndicate's Designer Sandstone Urns and Vintage Bottle Collection.

Hear Me Roar

Flower Trends Forecast 2019- Hear Me Roar



Some floral designs leap to the foreground and demand to be seen, none more than this daring mix of teal, gray and brown. Orchids, gloriosas, snapdragons, gladiolus and kniphofia dance with brightly colored foliage in a compelling display of grandeur. Rich in reds, offset with daring, fashion-forward teal and steady shades of gray and brown, Hear Me Roar is for risk-takers! Bordeaux, cinnabar and burnt orange berries add to the intricacies of this “ab-fab” floral recipe.

Get ready to "roar" with Syndicate's Glass Cylinders, Black Cherry Designer Urn and Red Rose Vases. You may also be interested in incorporating 14.5" Foam design rings and round banquet holders from Oasis Floral Products.

The Believer

Flower Trends Forecast 2019- The Believer



A traditional mix of time-honored masculine and feminine color-tones, The Believer impresses by modernizing “tradition” in just the right places. Muted tan and a soft, blushing peach are among the key colors in this hopeful style trend—but what you’ll notice first are navy blue and a rich dark pink that pop against the softer hues. Bringing gray and chocolate brown into the mix, flowers might include brunia and chocolate cymbidium orchids, cattails and pussy willows for intriguing texture, along with blue bachelor buttons, blue hydrangea, cornflowers, boronia, brain celosia, and any bright pink flowers such as lilies, tulips, roses, peonies, and proteas.

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Posted by Joe Barnes

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