6 Social Media Categories to Inspire Content Creation

Posted by Kayla Neary on September 27 2019


The most difficult part of social media can be brainstorming and creating quality content that your audience can interact with and enjoy.

Whether you’re lost on the type of content to create or looking for new ways to increase engagement, these 6 categories will help jump-start the creative juices.

1. Entertainment

Most social media users turn to these platforms as a source of entertainment. So when they’re aimlessly scrolling through posts, you want your posts to stand out and make an impact, even if it’s only for a moment. When creating your content, ask yourself, "what would my audience find entertaining?"

Contests & Giveaways
Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Contests and giveaways are a great source of entertainment from which your audience can benefit. Offer a free arrangement by posting a picture of it to your account, and ask your followers to comment on the post. Explain that one lucky follower will win the arrangement by a random drawing from the names in the comments. This is a small example of a giveaway that could lead to high engagement at minimal cost.

What's a better source of entertainment than a party? Post photos showing popular and unusual holidays, like Valentines Day and National Dog Day. Or, put up fun content about employee birthdays or team lunches. Even company milestones that are celebrated, like how many years you've been in business, can grab attention. Let your audience celebrate with you!

Don’t forget about jokes and memes. Both add humor to your social feeds, and typically create higher user engagement.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration can come from one of two things: what inspires you and what could inspire your audience.

Photos of your work
Showcasing your work is a wonderful way to inspire your audience. Post photos or 360º videos of your designs, and suggest that your followers place orders to get in on the action. Be sure you ask them to tag you if they share photos of their purchases when they get them home.

Some social accounts go overboard with inspirational quotes, you’ll want to limit these only to a couple times per month. When choosing quotes to share, think about what would really resonate with your audience.

Work you find interesting
While scrolling through the accounts that you follow, take note of the photos that stand out to you. Maybe it’s an image of a peer’s work that you can share to your own page or a new product that you find interesting. This is a great way to champion your fellow florists or designers, and show your audience your personal tastes.

3. Education

Tips & Tutorials
Your social audience is mostly comprised of consumers and peers. Sharing flower and plant care tips will benefit your customers, while sharing floral design hacks will benefit your peers.

Share a tutorial by creating a time-lapse video of your design process. You can easily take these with your phone, and they won’t require any editing. If you’re looking to venture into the editing world, there are several FREE video editing apps you can download that are very user-friendly. Here are just a few: Adobe Premier Clip, InShot, and iMovie. Keep these videos short so you don’t lose your audience’s interest (Note: Instagram has a 1 min max for videos).

Industry Facts
Post about floral statistics, or little-known facts about how certain flowers are grown. People love learning about the products they are buying, so posting any fun fact about the floral industry will be enriching to your customers.

Does your website have a blog, or do you have a favorite floral blogger? Share article links with your audience so they can benefit from information that they may not have otherwise known.

4. Conversation

Create a conversation with your followers that allows them to interact with the content you’re posting. Inviting comments is always key to giving your posts a longer life in a fast-moving social media landscape.

Asking questions on social media is not only a fun way to get to know your audience, but it’s also beneficial. Your followers'  answers in the comments section can control the type of content you post, products you create, and provide general feedback. Try posting a photo of a rose; in your caption, ask followers what their favorite rose is. Reply to their comments with recommendations of similar varieties they may like, or other flowers that would look great with the variety they chose.

5. Connection

Social media is all about creating a personal connection. Showing your followers who you are as a business (rather than just your basic company profile) is a great way to build that all-important connection.

Behind the scenes
Customers love seeing what goes on behind the scenes; the messy and sometimes chaotic parts of a business. It puts a relatable, human "face" to your brand. Show your workspace, processing flowers, the aftermath of a busy day of designing. Once in a while, give them a little glimpse into what your everyday is really like.

Employee highlights
Let your employees be the face of your business, and show off their hard work. Your customers will appreciate your designs so much more after being able to put a face and name to where their purchases came from. Employee highlights are also a great way to build trust with your audience. If you have a credible employee with a long list of accomplishments, show them off! This will give your current customers confidence to remain loyal, and help bring in new clients.

Customer highlights & reposts
Just like employee highlights, it’s important to show off your customers. If they tag you in a photo, share it to your account! This is the best way to show how your clients used your designs at their events and in everyday life. And of course, always thank them for their support when reposting.

6. Promotions

Whether you’re hosting / sponsoring an event, or know of a fun event in your community, promoting it on your social pages is the best way to notify your audience. Start hyping up the event a couple months in advance, and keep your followers informed with all the details. Not only will this increase your social engagements but also help boost actual attendance.

Your social account shouldn’t be all about trying to sell. However, you should be posting pictures and videos that show your product, so followers know what you offer. Try posting a video when you get in new inventory or a photo of your most popular designs.

Customer testimonials
Ask customers to participate in a quick Q & A, or provide you with a review. These show followers that you have a loyal fan base. Positive reviews can also help your pages appear at the top of search results (which is the holy grail of any digital marketing platform). 

Notice what works well with your followers and what doesn’t. If you get more views, likes, and comments on tutorial videos than behind-the-scenes shots, then tailor your content accordingly. Social media is all about trial and error, so don’t get down if you’re feeling stuck. Try something new from these 6 categories and watch your accounts flourish!

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Posted by Kayla Neary

Kayla Neary is the Marketing Coordinator for Kennicott Brothers. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from The University of Alabama and has previous experience as a retail florist.

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