8 Benefits the Cloud Can Provide Your Event Floral Business

Posted by Joe Barnes on November 19 2018


If your laptop crashes, will your event floral business crash with it? What about that one massive Excel file that contains all of your proposals, pricing, and customer notes? For many event designers, there are a lot of eggs in one basket. If that basket breaks, then so does all of your hard work!

In today’s wireless world, the “cloud” has provided a secure resting place for music, photos, and yes – critical business information. More and more, event & wedding designers are leveraging cloud-management services to streamline how they run every facet (and flower) of their day-to-day operations.

We sat down with Corrine Heck, founder of Details Flowers Software, who shared 8 compelling reasons why their cloud-service has specifically helped revolutionize how floral designers manage all the moving parts of their businesses:

1) Security and Safety of Online Information

“We recently had a client whose computer crashed and lost everything,” said Heck, “except for her Details data! Because her information was stored on our cloud, it was safe and secure even though her laptop failed.”

For event florists, a crash with no backup can create an insurmountable problem. Working with a floral-management cloud service like Details backs up every important element of your business: quotes, photos, contracts and invoices are all protected in a worst-case scenario.

2) Confidence in Your Pricing and Margin

Over-buying and under-charging will eat your profits quickly. This is hard to avoid unless you know the exact cost of every component of your floral designs (and are meticulous about keeping track of them.)

Details allows users to build “recipes” of designs while the software auto-calculates the price according to your margins and profit goals. “Long-gone are the days of guessing,” Heck told us. “With Details, you can create the design with the exact product that you would like to use and it ‘auto-magically’ calculates the price with the margins and profits that are pre-determined by you.”

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3) Collecting and Convenience of Getting Paid

Corrine describes the Details invoicing and payments feature as a major problem-solver for its subscribers. “Our florists are collecting payments even while they sleep,” she says. “The invoicing feature will automate the email alerts to let their clients know that they need to make their payments and due dates.”

Such a feature absolves business owners from having to act as their own collection agency. “With Details,” Heck continues, “a subscriber doesn’t have to remember all the important due dates for their clients, the system handles these simple procedures for them.”

4) Date & Time Stamps on Your Contracts

By sending proposals thru an online service, clients can accept your terms while a digitally-signed copy is added to your cloud account. All the important documents to reserve your services are stored right online. The system will track client information, including the IP address of the signer with the date & time stamp of the contract term acceptance. That makes for very good business when and if you ever need it.

5) Eco-Friendly

The floral industry is always looking for ways to "Go Green" and event-florist cloud management embraces this ideology by having most everything online, eliminating the need to print documents. You’ll be saving trees like never before!

6) Virtual Showroom

Another feature of Details that appeals to its subscribers is access to their resource guides and recipe galleries. These help florists showcase their work and portfolio in easy-to-navigate "virtual showrooms." These showrooms keep track of inventory items, favorite blooms & portfolio designs. Making all of this information available for potential clients provides users a competitive edge, and can often seal the deal on the spot.


“Having all of this information available or to show potential clients makes creating the visual display of any event seamless and simple.” Heck continues, “It keeps the cleaning and polishing to a minimum… our customers love it.”

7) Automated Checklists

Details automates tasks that previously took florists tremendous amounts of time. Users can coordinate recipe sheets, delivery sheets and pick-up items (all via easy-to-share PDF files) right at the same time they are designing. Heck explains, “This feature alone saves hours of labor on the back end for when these tasks become due.”

8) Time Saver

What used to take 4 individual people to accomplish is now created by one person,” Heck explains, “If you’re looking for ways to cut your labor costs, having an online solution is a great way to scale back on hourly rates.” Details is also accessible anywhere you there’s a Wi-Fi connection – a potential lifesaver if you need a quick reference while on-site at an event space.


For more information on Details Flowers Software, visit www.detailsflowers.com

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Posted by Joe Barnes

Joe Barnes is the Marketing Manager for Kennicott Brothers wholesale flower distributors. He holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising & Public Relations, and has worked in the flower/horticulture industry since 2007.

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