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Joe Barnes is the Marketing Manager for Kennicott Brothers wholesale flower distributors. He holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising & Public Relations, and has worked in the flower/horticulture industry since 2007.
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Trending Flowers & Supplies for Valentine's Day 2020

Posted by Joe Barnes on January 15 2020

Every year, in mid-January, florists begin performing small, ritualistic mental exercises. Remembering to breathe, imagining the serenity of February 15th, and so on... but February 14th, as they well know, is a different story. That's Valentine's Day - and the..

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Weaving Nature: Getting The Most Out Of Fresh Garland

Posted by Joe Barnes on May 17 2019

Today's wedding and event floral concepts are often accompanied by fresh garland; a charming accent that weaves natural textures and tones throughout any interior space. From table runners to backdrops and cake-wraps, fresh garland is available in a wide range of..

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Three Reasons Black Floral Foam is Fast-Becoming the New Green

Posted by Joe Barnes on April 18 2019

As much as floral designers apply skill and artistry to the colors and textures of their arrangements, an equal measure of cunning and know-how is given to concealing those parts of the design they DON'T want seen. Gaps between flowers and patches of wet, green..

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8 Benefits the Cloud Can Provide Your Event Floral Business

Posted by Joe Barnes on November 19 2018

If your laptop crashes, will your event floral business crash with it? What about that one massive Excel file that contains all of your proposals, pricing, and customer notes? For many event designers, there are a lot of eggs in one basket. If that basket breaks,..

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3 Ways To Look at Sympathy Work From A Different Angle

Posted by Joe Barnes on November 05 2018

3 Ways To Look at Sympathy Work From A Different Angle

Funeral designs have always been a vital component of our floral industry. As the world has grown more complex, though, so have the options available to the flower-buying public – especially those mourning the..

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2019 Flower Trends Revealed in Four Inspired Design Styles

Posted by Joe Barnes on October 16 2018

First-look: Next year’s floral trends!

The annual Flower Trends Forecast, published by International Floral Distributors (IFD) is widely regarded as the floral industry’s “first-look” into the trending color schemes, accents and flowers for the coming year. Its..

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5 Ways to Perfect Your Floral Work for Prom

Posted by Joe Barnes on February 27 2018

Every April May and June, high-school proms deliver a boon to florists across the country. Corsages and boutonniere orders flood in, bringing with them much-needed revenue transitioning into the slow, summer months. Prom is hard work for florists, but vital in..

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Checking the MarketFresh™ Flower Pulse Before Valentine’s Day

Posted by Joe Barnes on January 30 2018

A Pre-Valentine Flower Farm Report

Valentine’s Day 2018 is heating up, and florists across the country are preparing for a busy week ahead of February 14th. The economy is doing well, and consumers are experiencing a nice uptick in discretionary income. Expectations..

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5 Tips To Help Plan Your Wholesale Tulip Purchases

Posted by Joe Barnes on January 15 2018

From Bulbs to Bouquets, What Your Business Needs To Know About Wholesale Tulips

Originally from Turkey, tulips were actually used as currency in the Netherlands during the Middle-Ages. Today, tulips hold high value for beauty and color within the “currency” of top..

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