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Products Your Shop Needs for the Holidays

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on November 05 2019

Prepping for the upcoming holiday season takes hard work. And when it feels like the holidays come sooner and sooner every year, it’s important to have your shop well prepared. So make a list and check it twice with these must-have products your shop needs this..

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Creating Seasonal In-store Arrangements

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on October 11 2019

As the seasons change, so should your in-store arrangements and decor. Getting ahead of the holidays is the key to boosting your year-end revenue; as a retailer, it's your role to prompt your customers to start thinking about Christmas before it's crunch-time. Take..

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Halloween-Inspired Design Techniques

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on September 20 2019

A lot has changed when it comes to Halloween-inspired design techniques. For many, the goal is to be more fun and less creepy. However, the biggest change isn’t found in the design itself, but rather the audience for whom you'll be designing.

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Lasting Homecoming Flowers

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on September 06 2019

Styles for homecoming flowers vary greatly depending on location. In some areas, the old traditions of homecoming are celebrated with as much enthusiasm as prom. In other places, homecoming is less formal, and traditions have been modified, re-purposed or changed..

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How-To Upgrade Your Flower Wearables

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on August 22 2019

Photo: @passionflowersue (Instagram)

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Wedding Arches for any Bride... with any Budget

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on August 13 2019

The wedding arch is not only a focal point of the ceremony but a representation of the home and family the couple will build together. If your client has big dreams of an alter for their big day, consider these new ideas for this old tradition.

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