Darker Red Roses: A Quick Guide

Posted by Christy Bonner on January 11 2019

The Darker the Red, the Deeper the Love?

A close up of a dark red rose

Red roses are a timeless expression of love... but could a richer, darker red rose signify a deeper, longer-lasting love? Check out our dark red rose guide and decide for yourself. Their beauty and meaning will resonate with your clientele, and you'll be prepared to match the perfect red to its properly-smitten customer. Who wouldn’t want to give (or receive) these lush, red treasures on Valentine's Day?

In recent years, darker varieties of red roses have also been a popular wedding color. Modern brides are drawn to burgundy, dusty roses and mauve colors. A deep red rose can enhance this combination of colors to make arrangements more vibrant. Red roses can also convey respect, admiration and gratitude when used in funeral and condolence arrangements.

Red Roses convey the following emotions:

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Unity

A Few Available Varieties of Darker Red Roses:

A Black Pearl, Dark Red Rose

Rose Black Pearl Dark Red

One of nature’s most magnificent creations is the Black Pearl. A jewel of the sea, a symbol of perfection found in paradise. Just as rare and fascinating is the Black Pearl Dark Red rose. With soft velvety petals, this is the jewel of Valentine's Day! Grown exclusively and found only at Rosaprima, this enchanting rose defines luxury and elegance at its finest.


Freedom Red Rose

Rose Freedom Red

Known as the “red of lovers,” Freedom roses have the color of fire, love, and seduction. Eye-catching, intense, and stimulating, this rose signifies a significant other's love, respect, passion, desire, purity and sincerity. It's the perfect Valentine flower to say “I love you!”


Rose Garden Piano Red Rose

Rose Garden Piano Red

Often sold with side-shoots, Piano has a nostalgic globular shape of dark red on the outside, with lighter reds on the inside. It opens beautifully into a perfect deep cup and lasts a long time in the vase. Piano emits a light fragrance, and looks great in vase work.


Tess Red Rose

Rose Garden Tess Red

If you’ve set your heart on that dramatic red, red rose, look no further than Tess. Generous in form and deep in color, Tess is all about power and passion. Velvety-textured red blooms with rich, blackcurrant tones, Tess opens flat into perfect, ruffled rosettes. Set around a small, central eye of golden stamens it's unapologetically strong and independent, Tess is a confident beauty who holds her own amidst flowers with strong colors and shapes, without losing her distinctive garden-rose charm.


Wanted Red Rose

Rose Garden Wanted Red

This elegant variety, also known as "Hearts," has a large head with a wavy center. She will open to 50% and has a terrific vase life. Garden Wanted Red is great for vase work and for that romantic consumer who wants to give their lover a different kind of red rose.


Hearts Red Rose

Rose Hearts Red

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” The name of this rose says it all! Hearts is a striking red beauty with an amazing shape. Its ruffled petals and abundant layers form a heart shape within the center, setting it apart from any other rose and making it a real treasure.


Sexy Red Rose

Rose Sexy Red

Sexy Red is a captivating red rose with flowing edges. With its true red petals, this rose is sure to draw attention of those around it. Messenger of strong attraction, she is beautiful, fabulous, and very confident. Let’s face it, "sexy" is all about attitude!

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Posted by Christy Bonner

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