Event Trend: Mixing & Matching Containers

Posted by Kayla Neary on June 30 2019

The perfect mix of blooms, containers, and event decor creates a certain ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and their guests. It’s a part of floral and event design that is often overlooked but a key element in taking any event to the next level.

An increasing trend that’s elevating event decor is mix-and-matched containers for centerpieces and table accents. Between switching up the variety of flowers, containers, and even design styles, mix-matching containers can be a difficult task. So how do you find the perfect recipe of individual beauty and cohesive flow? 

Textures & shapes

Deciding which type of textured & shaped containers to use is your first step and one of the most difficult parts of a mix-and-match look. It seems as if there are endless options from which to choose... but picking just one incorrect container can throw off the desired effect.

First, focus on what is most important to the overall style. Is it varying textures, or a motif of specific shapes? Are you going for a consistent single color, or multiple shades within a certain palette? Making these decisions ahead of time will jump-start the process of choosing the right containers.

texture vase
For example, in the photo above (left), we've chosen two rectangular and two cylindrical containers. Each has varying textures that balance out one another. In the same photo (above-right), we've chosen vases with similar textures and sizes, but slightly different shapes. These types of glassware could easily be used as a group or set up separately throughout the venue. Both sets have their subtle differences, yet still complement each other well to create a cohesive look. 


If playing with different textures or colors isn't the style you're aiming for, have no fear! You can still achieve a mix-and-match look using different shapes and sizes of the same container. The birchwood containers pictured above are a perfect example. There is a definitive style, and each container allows for several design possibilities.  

Work with your space

Keep your client’s venue in mind! Ceiling heights and table shapes are both key factors to consider when designing.

Use tall, vertical containers in large spaces to help draw guests' eyes to those tall ceilings and show off the grand elegance of a room. Short, horizontal containers establish a warm and inviting atmosphere that will allow guests to interact with one another without any obstructed views.

tall_long containers

Table shapes can be tricky. For round tables, a single container may be your best option. Keep the arrangement wide, to match the table diameter or create a taller design (around 24”). Rectangular tables are most commonly used, but require more decor. A lone centerpiece can look sparse and out of place on a long surface. Choose wide containers to create a short, compact arrangements. Rectangular tables are also a great way to utilize non-floral elements. Incorporating a few taper or tea light candles can help fill a table without crowding the space. 

Choose your flowers wisely

The wrong flower choice can make or break the successful realization of your client's vision. Always remember to consider their style requests while still making sure those choices will flow together.


Pick one or two focal flowers that play nice with others, but also stand strong on their own. Garden roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas are ideal choices. Use at least one stem of your focal flower in each container and then add your accents and fillers. Mixing up the blooms in each arrangement will highlight the mix and allow your creative mind to run free. Plus, it's the best way to maximize the use of your flowers (which your budget-conscious clients will appreciate). Notice the photos throughout this post; some vases are entirely filled and others use minimal stems. They’re all individually unique, but keep a cohesive theme.

newsmall container

Keep these little details in mind the next time your working with mixed containers, and your clients will surely be impressed. 

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Posted by Kayla Neary

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