Halloween-Inspired Design Techniques

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on September 20 2019


A lot has changed when it comes to Halloween-inspired design techniques. For many, the goal is to be more fun and less creepy. However, the biggest change isn’t found in the design itself, but rather the audience for whom you'll be designing.

What was once a holiday based on dressing up to the fullest extent of your parent’s wallet and traveling from house to house, collecting candy... is now also a holiday embraced by grown-ups. Sure, the traditions remain consistent, but over the decades adults have adopted Halloween as an event of their own. 

Florists often field requests for "more-fun-than-frightful" designs. Autumn tones with whimsical nods to pumpkins and harvest elements are in-demand (sometimes with an occasional scary touch). Stocking up on the following products during the early fall months will help you be ready for consumers when they hit up your shop with Halloween orders.

Essential Containers

Creating an appealing Halloween arrangement that is perfectly suited to the individual needs of your customer can be a challenge - one that begins with your choice of containers.

Work with the rising trends. Pumpkins and sugar skull containers are gaining popularity for the more personalized designs. This remains a bonus for their easy transition into your fall designs. There is no worry when it comes to overstock. Pumpkins, sugar skulls and fall-colored containers are versatile options that last beyond Halloween and into the fall season.

Solid, fall-colored containers offer a plain (festive) platform, so adding the creepy and crawly accents is easy, and less limited to a certain design. Halloween flower arrangements have a longer demand when designed to fit the season overall. These container choices help transition the flower arrangements in your shop. You can take out the “spooky” accessories like creepy crawlies and add in a few extra fall colored ribbons to give your Halloween arrangements in the cooler a second chance at finding a home.

One such transitional staple is the Cleopatra black ribbon. This ribbon is a combination of chiffon with a soft satin edge. It highlights color and texture. Black satin ribbon pairs nicely with many styles, making it ideal to keep around throughout the year. Its dark colors pair well with the spookier designs of Halloween, yet also complement a fall-themed design. Orange satin and fall-print ribbon are other natural counterparts to the Cleopatra black.

Floral and Supply Options

You can never go wrong by stocking up on your traditional fall colored florals ahead of the season. Sunflowers and orange and red roses are always popular. They can be easily manipulated to fit the spookier designs, or remain simple for an autumn arrangement. They're as versatile as your own creativity.

Kennicott locations are typically stocked with popular marigolds, which come in attractive oranges, yellows, whites and golden tones. They provide the perfect canvas to create a Halloween-inspired or fall flower masterpiece.

Black millet offers a trip to the darker side, with its red shades turned black. It provides a nice heavy tone alongside lighter-colored flowers in the mix. Black millet brings its own unique style, offering a worn, natural feel.

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Accent pieces are going to be what truly sways your design in the direction you want it to go. Cattails and dried products are going to add a unique flair to Halloween-inspired designs. They remain consistently popular.

If you are handy with wire work, let the creative juices flow and add a personal touch that only you can as a designer. Our variety of wire color options help expand your reach. Whether it is rustic wire or the traditional fall wire shades, wire can really elevate a design when used properly. You can even create a fun critter of your own out of it.

Three of our rustic wire options include the OASIS Rustic Wire in Natural, Brown and Green. All three options are ideal for a worn or woodsy look. In addition to the woodsy style is OASIS Aluminum Wire in Copper. The color blends well with Halloween shades while the metallic look incorporates modern trends. Pair with something spooky for dark forest feels.

Many of today’s Halloween-inspired design techniques have incorporated cobwebs and sticks. These prove appropriate Halloween accents for their creepy and dreary feel. With adults throwing more and more Halloween parties, they have become a florist’s audience for designs. With that being said, Halloween flower designs are in high demand. They are requested as décor or as hostess gifts. Among the more popular choices for accents are comical bugs, spiders and bats. They are fun with just a tad frightful thrown in.

Other essential accents for your Halloween designs include pods, berries and sponge mushrooms. They can also be used again later in the year, when Christmas designs come into play.

So we've covered the basics, but what about the "must have" Halloween products to make your master creations as legendary as Frankenstein himself?

Must Haves

Halloween is the holiday for creativity. With that creativity comes costumes and characters. Manipulate what is given to us in nature by adding the color and texture of the season. Tints and sprays give us a wide berth for imagination and artistry. They open the door for florists to design freely and bring their visions to life.

Design Master COLORTOOL Paints and Sprays are as essential to floral artists at Halloween as goodie-bags are to trick-or-treaters. They are offered in a variety of different colors, leaving the door wide open for creative expression. These perfectly formulated floral paints allow designers to punch-up the products they have on hand, and often serve as the finishing stroke of genius for a design.

Sometimes the absence of color is the most critical element. You'll want to hide (and hydrate) your stems with Smithers-Oasis Midnight Floral Foam, a dark option for inside the Halloween container. Industry-standard green floral foam may be unsightly and take away from your classic black/orange motif. Check out this pumpkin... you can't even see what's going on in the center, thanks to Midnight Foam!


While Supplies Last

If you're looking to incorporate candles into your Halloween designs, Smithers-Oasis Candle Stake options can be used. For dark and spooky Halloween scenes, candles may be the exact thing your customer needs to set the mood for the night.

For a longer lasting option, we are offering our new LED Candles in-store only. While they are not specifically Halloween-themed, they can be incorporated into any dimly-lit design. They provide all the charm of real fire without the risk and upkeep. These battery-operated candles are available in three sizes, and are settled in glass cylinders. Simple yet sophisticated, these candles mimic all the same feelings of a traditional burn.


The heavy-duty, flickering lights have a 5-hour timer and optional remote. LEDs are safer, reusable and offer a longer-term rental revenue, and are available at your local store while supplies last!


As a florist, it is important to be flexible and work with what you have but stay stocked in what is needed and popular. Having versatile products and accessories in stock keeps your shop better prepared and ready for whatever the season’s floral design trends bring. 

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