How-To Upgrade Your Flower Wearables

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on August 22 2019

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Flower wearables offer an opportunity for creativity and versatility. While the traditional flower wearable is still very much a part of proms, homecomings, and weddings, the more modern client is taking it a step in the bold direction. 

It's important to adapt to changes hitting the flower market. You'll learn new skills and upgrade your existing knowledge while differentiating your work from your competitors. Follow our tips on how to upgrade your flower wearables and you'll be dominating this trend in no time. 

Flower Jewelry

Flowers are a girls' best friend... or is it diamonds? Why not combine both! Fresh flower jewelry is all the rage in the flower wearable world. Upgrade your corsage and boutonniere options by taking a more stylistic approach to your design. Use unique flowers or fun wire and ribbon for more creativity. 

Rings, anklets, earrings, and necklaces are at the top of the floral jewelry requests. Although, any piece of jewelry can be recreated with the right product and inspiration. Flower jewelry gives you, the artist, creative flexibility, and the wearer more opportunity to express their individuality and unique style. 

There are several products you'll want to have on hand during event and prom seasons. Stock up on Oasis floral adhesive, fabric, cardboard, and a variety of ribbon. When it comes to flowers, have all your essential blooms with a mix of fun florals. Think succulents, ranunculus, and wide variety of greenery. Always be sure to have some shine in your inventory! The OASIS Brooch and LOMEY Diamante Pin are a great way to add some glam to the piece. And of course, don't forget your LOMEY Corsage Pins!

Flower Hair Pieces

Move over flower crowns! Floral hats, combs, and clips are the new trend all modern day brides and prom-goers are swooning over. 

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Floral hair pieces can be as diverse or specific as the outfit it will be accessorizing. Consider your client's personal style and outfit for the occasion. Help lead them in the right direction of choosing flowers that will compliment their attire. 

Depending on the size and style of the hair accessory, you'll need to accommodate the amount of materials you prepare. A large floral hat is going to use a substantial amount of flowers, wire, and adhesive compared to a simple floral comb or clip. Plan ahead!

Statement Flower Wearables

Go big or go home. While today's generation is all for making a statement, the more simplistic, 'picked from the garden' designs are topping floral trends. In order to combine these two characteristics, pair bold colors with a garden aesthetic. For example, peach or bright pink roses paired with a variety of greenery, moss, and succulents. This inspiration can easily be used for creating a floral scarf that steals the show. It's a perfect accessory to drape across a solid colored dress to add the needed WOW factor. 

If you're a designer who enjoys a challenge, floral corsets are a tasking trend that's taking residence in the flower wearable world. Although they might not appear to be topping your order list, honing your skills and offering such an item opens the door for bigger and more profitable events. Remember to stock up on extra floral material and flowers when taking on a corset. These designs will take some trial and error. 

Floral Shoes

Floral shoes are a new, growing trend taking the event world by storm. And what outfit is ever complete without the perfect pair of shoes?

floralshoesPhoto: @passionflowersue (Instagram) 

They are no walk in the park to make, by any means. However, they are destined to make an impact on your clients and other floral admirers. We recommend creating a small cluster of blooms and greenery, similar to a corsage, and placing them on the toe of the shoes. This instantly takes and ordinary pair of shoes and turns them into a one-of-a-kind accessory. 

What's the perfect match to a pair of floral shoes? A floral purse! Incorporating leaf manipulation is a great way to accomplish a purse design. Try using large tropical greenery to achieve this look. 

Think of designs, such as these, as an opportunity to promote your business. Posting photos of your finished work can be just the inspiration prospective clients need and is a great way to interact with your existing customers.

With every flower design comes the passion and skill of the florist creating it. In order to upgrade your flower wearables, you'll need to upgrade your skill set. Be sure to prepare yourself and take on the challenge full force. With new trends should come a new, different approach. If you don't update your approach to designing, it eventually stops working. Embrace the changing trends and see where the event world will take you!

Posted by Kennicott Blogs

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