Products Your Shop Needs for the Holidays

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on November 05 2019

Products Your Shop Needs for the Holidays

Prepping for the upcoming holiday season takes hard work. And when it feels like the holidays come sooner and sooner every year, it’s important to have your shop well prepared. So make a list and check it twice with these must-have products your shop needs this holiday season.


The key to any flower arrangement is the container it’s created in. It’s the foundation of your design and can help elevate any look. A few must-have containers for the holidays are of course your typical holiday shades. Greens, reds, blues and silvers are all classic choices year after year. However, this year we’re seeing a growing trend in more unusual colors such as blush pink, mustard yellow, and deep purple.


Let’s talk birch. Our birch containers are simplistic enough to complement a winter forest theme and can be reused for a rustic wedding design throughout the year. They come in differing sizes of pots, cylinders and planters, allowing for a variety of options for designing. Let our Birch Planter or our Birch Cylinder meet the more modern and simplistic needs of your holiday customers.

The holiday season is surrounded by glitz, glam, and all things magical. Consider gold when buying containers for your holiday arrangements. Gold is always a popular color choice and a great way to incorporate metallics into your designs.  Try out our Tegan Pots or Etched Metallic Cylinders for those bold holiday looks. Any extras can easily be use throughout the year for glam birthdays or formal events.

Popular Florals and More

Choosing florals that work with popular holiday color schemes is one way to better prep for the holidays. Stock up on reds, blush pinks, greens, and various colors of floral color spray that can accommodate any holiday color palette. When it comes to choosing the flowers to keep in your coolers, make sure to have are large selection of your tradition flowers such as roses and carnations. Also consider having popular alternatives such as paperwhite narcissus, amaryllis, tulips and ranunculus.


Poinsettias are constantly topping the charts of the holiday floral forecast. They are often in high demand for every flower shop during the winter season. Whether potted or incorporated into designs, poinsettias prove cost effective for holiday inventory.

Of course you can’t forget about your Christmas greens. Consider pre-assembled wreaths and garlands and pre-greens holiday centerpieces. These products are attractive to the consumer for their overall charm and diverse nature, and they are easy to personalize. Christmas greens are a long-lasting product so its better to get these ordered as early as possible.


Today’s generation typically prefers to put a "twist" on traditional designs, so accessories are always important to have on hand. Ornaments and bulbs in shades of blue, purple, silver, green, and red are go-to choices. Candle holders, wire, and gems are all great to have in stock and are all easily leveraged for custom requests.


No holiday design is truly complete without a finishing bow, so it's essential to include a variety of ribbon in your holiday inventory. Be sure to have different shades and textures. Pink, purple, blue, and gold - as well as the traditional Christmas colors (sheer and chiffon) are among the ribbon styles you'll likely need at the ready.


Our wired chiffon ribbon and our sheer stripe ribbon are two classic options for holiday designs, adding charm and texture each and every time. If you overbuy, they can easily be incorporated into birthday or Valentine’s Day arrangements.

Ribbon is useful beyond the holidays. This means there is never too much. It is useful when trying to transition a more traditional arrangement into a festive design or personalize a design at any time of the year. They can also be used to personalize holiday wreaths and centerpieces.

It's easy to become overwhelmed and over-order holiday products. Check your previous year’s sale records and use those numbers to estimate what should be ordered for this year. Also consider last year’s trends compared to this year. Is there new color palettes that customers are seeking or a new product your seeing all over social media? After evaluating this information, use it to start prepping your inventory and starting ordering early to assure your receive all necessary product.  

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