Step-Up Your Prom Designs with These 3 Unique Looks

Posted by Kayla Neary on March 07 2019

This season, more and more students going to the big dance are saying 'goodbye' to classic corsages and basic boutonnieres... and saying 'hello' to fun florals! Today's young people are embracing bold, unconventional accents to match their prom fashion goals. Are you prepared to dazzle them with your ideas? 

Prepare to master this prom season with the following three design ideas, from which you can spin-off dozens of variations:

1) Colorful Tropicals

Tropical flowers are all the rage this season, and prom is no exception. Their brilliant colors and funky looks add an extra layer of WOW to corsages, boutonnieres, or hand-held bouquets.  


Using tropical flowers is ideal for hand-helds, since they tend to be larger than traditional flowers. Sometimes their size can overpower the wrist (or lapel), making it harder to use them for boutonnieres or corsages. If the bouquet is a no-go, consider mini pineapple or mini anthurium for tropical wearables; their smaller stature works well in these applications.

Bright-colored anthurium and protea achieve a visually-stimulating look and allow for the use of a wider color range of your "textbook" prom flowers like spray roses.

2) Wearable Plants

The rustic vibe has been a floral favorite for some time, but now there’s a new way to take these bohemian looks to the next level; mini succulents! Echeverias are the perfect substitute for traditional flowers, and add a unique flair to prom styles without being too showy. Young customers will fall in love with your Instagram-worthy creations, especially if they are immersed in the growing trend of cultivating plants for personal enjoyment.


Simplicity is key when using mini-succulents; their depths of color and intricate geometrics do most of the heavy-lifting. Keep the succulent as the main focus by adding a bit of greens and a plain wrist band. If you’re needing to add some more texture, think about blue thistle and bleached Italian ruscus. Flowers like these complement the succulent without stealing the limelight.

3) Fresh Flower Jewelry 

There are an infinite number of ways to leverage flowers for prom. Sure, corsages and boutonnieres are classic choices... but why not spice it up with something more creative and eye-catching? Floral jewelry is a unique, fun way to totally rock prom flowers - completely changing a basic look into something spectacular! The varying options of wire colors and flowers allow you to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for your customers.


Composing a breathtaking necklace is easier than you would think! Using the OASIS 12 Gage wire allows you to be flexible and creative when designing its base. Twisting the wire into an intricate design lets you accent a single flower by creating an artistic backdrop. A single orchid, for example, is a timeless choice that gives its bearer a clean, elegant look. Adding minimal greens and small filler-flowers such as berries will finish off the motif without taking away from the wire pattern.

These three design ideas can help you stay ahead of the curve, and inspire many more trendy offshoots to satisfy your young customers.

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Posted by Kayla Neary

Kayla Neary is the Marketing Coordinator for Kennicott Brothers. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from The University of Alabama and has previous experience as a retail florist.

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