Supporting Local Farms During Sunflower Season

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on July 18 2019

sunflower field

Known for their vivid color and symbolism of happiness, sunflowers are a common favorite throughout the summer season and into the beginning of fall. They are often associated with rustic and natural-looking themes, but when skillfully paired with other flowers and greens, they also take on an elegant and formal look for weddings and other events.

Sunflowers are also among the many flowers native to the United States. Given the popularity of the "locally-grown" movement, supporting domestic farms through sunflowers is a win-win.

Have you ever driven past a field of sunflowers that seems endless? Thriving in large, open environments, they tend to be a remarkably tough flower from the field to the vase. Sunflowers are typically grown in the Midwest, depending upon the weather. One of our suppliers in southern Wisconsin produces 100% field-grown sunflowers; no greenhouse, no factory. The open range yields beautiful sunflowers in an all-natural way. By investing in such local flowers, florists are protecting farmland and supporting the environment in which they grow.

Locally Grown Varieties

While there are numerous varieties available, sunflowers commonly bloom during summer and early fall months, with mid-summer being its peak season. Whether you love the classic yellow sunflower or are looking to try something a little different, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the options you like best:

  • Helianthus (ProCut Excel) typically has golden-orange blooms with dark centers
  • Strawberry Blonde is a hybrid flower that is a combination of lemony petals that fade into a subtle terracotta, surrounding dark disks
  • Flame sunflower (ProCut Bicolor) produces golden yellow petals adorned by a warm, mahogany ring towards the center with a clean dark disk
  • Tinted Sunflowers, enhanced through their stems, create a chromatic, fiery orange color with dark disks. The color process gives the stem leaves a lovely greenish purple hue

Helianthus ProCut Excel

stawberry blonde

Strawberry Blonde


Flame ProCut BiColor


Tinted Sunflower

Color Schemes

From the traditional warm, golden colors to the bold oranges, sunflowers are perfect for pairing with an array of other colors.  For a classic looks, combine sunflowers with blue or purple flowers like delphinium, thistle, larkspur, or hydrangea. If you’re going for a more rustic, summery style, sunflowers pair nicely with white blooms like daisies, white roses, or cream-colored stock to complement their golden yellow tones. Keep it simple by matching your sunflower choices with greenery like eucalyptus, bupleurum or ruscus. Your customers will love the natural green backdrop against the sunflower's brilliant hues. 

sunflower and burlap

Photo: @celebrationflair (Instagram)

If you’re looking for more variety in your bouquet or arrangement, try including sunflowers with a mixture of other wildflowers, like lavender, cosmos, Queen Anne's lace, or wild aster. This is also a great way to integrate other local flowers offered throughout July, August and September.


Photo: @sasithonphoto (Instagram)

A major influence on this year’s floral designs is the use of Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year. A color that’s somehow both vibrant and mellow, coral has been bringing a lively presence to everything floral, and we are loving it! Build the perfect summer design by pairing our local sunflowers with coral blossoms like charm peonies, garden roses, hypericum berries or dahlias. 

Be sure to place your Sunflower orders before the season is over! Contact your Kennicott sales representative or log-in to Kennicott Direct to check availability. 

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