Classic White Roses: A Quick Guide

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on December 13 2018

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Throughout the ages, it has been said that white roses were the first roses ever created. Legend has it that, one day, the white rose was tainted with blood - turning it red. Of course, this means the red rose was the second to come into existence...

White roses are essential to any floral business. It's classic look can be used to enhance corporate or special events, funerals and other occasions. White compliments any other color used in centerpieces or arrangements, making them look full and opulent.

Among the most time-honored, traditional wedding flowers is the white rose. Young brides often try to obtain more unique flowers for their weddings, only to end up using white roses because nothing else quite fits the bill. Their staying-power is unrivaled in our indsutry.

Able to convey compassion, purity, appreciation, unity, sincerity, and romance, the white rose is perfect for adding sophistication to any occasion.

White Roses signify:

  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Loyalty
  • Youthfulness
  • Unity
  • Compassion
  • Sincerity

Available Varieties of White Roses: 


Rose Escimo White

It is winter time, the snow is falling and the evergreens are covered with sheets of snow. That is the exact picturesque scene that comes to mind when you are looking at the Escimo rose. Its snowy bright white petals give this rose an unprecedented beauty and make it a perfect rose for any snow back dropped event.

Chicago-based designer Melissa E. Owen of träBlume tells us, "I like to blend my favorite varieties for texture and contrast. I almost always include Escimo roses because they open beautifully, have a high petal count and are a perfect creamy white. 


Rose Garden Alabaster White

Alabaster is a charming white rose from Germany. She is from the Floribunda family of roses, has a slight fragrance, opens perfectly flat with a rosette shape and lasts over 10 days in the vase. Finally a great white variety with a fragrance for both events and vase work!



Rose Garden Caramel Antike White/Cream/Beige

Caramel Antike is a caramel and cream color, lighter towards the edges and darker in the center. A romantic wedding rose, Caramel has a large globular shape with a heavy petal count that opens round and has a slight fragrance. Great for vase work and for wedding bouquets.



Rose Garden Vitality White

Vitality is one of our most fragrant roses and is also white! After years of searching for a fragrant white garden rose, we found it in Vitality. She opens all the way, lasts 7 days in a vase, and has a lovely creamy tinge to the color. Petals are ruffled giving this rose a unique look.


Rose Garden White O'Hara

The White O’Hara is a delicate, highly fragrant garden rose that portrays unparalleled beauty and romance. A delightfully pure and wholesome aesthetic, weddings are a vision of loveliness when decorated with this terrific flower of love. Everything looks clearer, crisper, and brighter!



Rose Mondial White

Also known as the bridal rose, Mondial symbolizes unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love. With its pristine romantic appearance, this stunning  rose conveys feelings of love, respect, and hope like no other.


Rose Playa Blanca White

Named after the southernmost town of the Spanish island of Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is a pure white rose with a double-hearted center. If you look at a Playa Blanca bouquet from above, it appears almost as if a shower of pure snowflakes was scattered over a green cushion. Beautiful and bright, this rose is something to dream about.


Rose Polar Star White

Refined and formal, Polar Star is a true white rose with a very unique high petal count. Elegant and fresh, this classic pure white rose is ideal for every special occasion.


Rose Polo White

Combination of loud and soft, elegant and powerful, which captures the beauty of humanity in itself, Polo is a unique white bloom that opens into a delightful, classic cup-shape. Luxurious and romantic, she is a perfect candidate for an overly abundant bouquet!


Rose Tibet White

Bearing the name of one of the most beautiful and spiritual Asian regions, Tibet is an incredible snow white rose. The pureness of its petals and the perfect shape of its bloom forcefully express the image of aspiring perfection and the essence before life.


Rose Vendela White

Named after a Norwegian-Swedish model, Vendela Maria Kirsebom, this champagne ivory rose is the most popular and most widely used wedding flower in the industry. Delicate and romantic, Vendela is greatly admired for the hint of pink found on its petal edges. Add a special touch to any event with this delightful classic!

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