Pink Roses: A Quick Guide

Posted by Christy Bonner on January 16 2019

A Different Pink (rose) for Every Emotion


William Shakespeare once wrote, "A rose is a rose by any other name." Bill may have been swift with a pen, but he obviously never ran a flower shop. Today's marketplace hosts scores of rose varieties and colors, each one offering consumers very different features. Pink roses, in particular, can be as different as the Capulets and Montagues (okay, okay, that was the last Shakespeare reference.)

Pink roses were grown in China's Imperial rose gardens over 5,000 years ago, and remained very popular during the Victorian era. Today we cultivate pink roses in three main shades (with many in-between): Hot Pink, Medium Pink, and Light Pink.

Hot (darker) pink roses often signify appreciation, gratitude and recognition while the lighter pinks represent gentleness and admiration.  Medium tones of pink are often associated with first love, congratulations and appreciation.


Available Varieties of Pink Roses: 

"Cherry O Hot Pink" Rose

Rose Cherry-O Hot Pink

Midway between deep pink and fuchsia, the color of this rose evokes the feeling of late Spring as it ushers in the Summer months. Luscious and saturated with color, Cherry-O is an absolute pleasure in any arrangement or event space!

"Kate Hot Pink" Rose
Rose Garden Kate Hot Pink

Like the Duchess of Cambridge herself, the "Kate" is truly exquisite. Beautiful at all stages, this garden rose has elegant buds with rich, wavy, raspberry-pink outer petals that deepen in color over time. Her fragrance is perfectly balanced with hints of raspberry and bergamot. Kate is a Duchess, indeed!


"Pink Floyd" Rose

Rose Pink Floyd

 Like its namesake, the Pink Floyd effortlessly evokes a wide range of sensations and emotions through its intricate yet simple beauty. A vigorous, big-headed, hot pink rose, this Pink Floyd rose demands to be seen and admired from all perspectives. These vibrant beauties are so bright, they almost glow! Shine on, you crazy flower...

"Geraldine Pink" Rose
Rose Geraldine Pink

The contrast of Geraldine's soft, powder-pink petals against the green of its leaves makes this lightly-ruffled rose truly enchanting. A perfect flower for happy endings (and new beginnings), the sweet and girly Geraldine is always a hit!


"Hermosa Pink" Rose
Rose Hermosa Pink

Hermosa, meaning “beautiful” in Spanish, is a sweet and feminine rose. Something about this particular shade of pink always resonates with consumers looking for a tasteful yet slightly understated hue. Hermosa pulls off a bold pink without dominating the other colors around it.


"Keira Light Pink" Rose

Rose Garden Keira Light Pink

Named after seventh-century Irish Saint Ciara, this peony-like David Austin rose has natural charm and vintage-style. Each bloom is different in color, with an attention-grabbing blend of blush pink and cream featuring soft peachy highlights. Keira (Gaelic spelling) offers a medium rose-fragrance and slightly wavy outer petals. Consumers love Kiera becasuse it has that "fresh-cut-from-the-English-garden" look.


"Miranda Light Pink"

Rose Garden Miranda Light Pink

Miranda is a remarkable English garden rose. Named for Prospero’s compassionate daughter in the Shakespearean play, The Tempest, Miranda is very popular for its giant flat rosettes and delicate fruity fragrance. She is reminiscent of a parrot tulip that exudes natural, cottage-garden charm and beauty.


"Nena Light Pink"

Rose Nena Light Pink

Nena possesses the hues of grace, sweetness, and femininity. Gorgeous, refined, and evocative, this gentle shell-pink rose has gained more and more popularity since its recent introduction to the market.


"Ohara Light Pink" Rose
Rose Garden Pink Ohara Light Pink

This lovely pale pink garden rose is an exquisite sister of White Ohara. Delicate and highly fragrant, the Pink Ohara rose portrays unparalleled romance and luxury. The multiple layers of soft pink petals open up in an impressive bloom, creating a wonderful romantic garden atmosphere.


"Pink Mondial" Rose

Rose Pink Mondial

Known as a bridal rose, Pink Mondial symbolizes unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love. With its dusty pink hues that open up into a cream outer ring of cascading petals, it’s no surprise that this rose has become a wedding season favorite. Its pristine romantic appearance adds a touch of charm and vintage class to any floral arrangement.


"Secret Garden Light Pink" Rose

Rose Garden Secret Garden Light Pink

With its magical color splendor awaiting to receive a story to be told, Secret Garden is protagonist in weddings and is ideal in creating romantic bridal bouquets. With beautifully colored petals in shades of silver and lavender and a slight garden rose scent, this delicate rose is full of poetry and suggestion.

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Posted by Christy Bonner

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