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Every year, in mid-January, florists begin performing small, ritualistic mental exercises. Remembering to breathe, imagining the serenity of February 15th, and so on... but February 14th, as they well know, is a different story. That's Valentine's Day - and the weeks leading up to it demand their utmost mental (and physical) preparation.

Part of that preparation is focusing on which flowers and supplies to buy in advance of Cupid's big day. From the traditional to the trending, we're here to help you check the right boxes and prepare for a successful tackling of our industry's biggest event.

Here's a quick guide to the items you'll want to consider having on-hand for when the flood of orders starts to consume your every waking moment.

Roses, Roses and Roses

Spray roses! Garden roses! Freedom Roses! They may as well call it "Rose Day." Despite the many available types available, roses are the #1 most requested Valentine flower year after year. Whites and pinks are popular, second only to classic red - but it's a good idea to have all three colors at the ready. If you're new to the florist game, your sales rep can be a good resource for explaining the nuances in the rose world. But for the sake of time, we'll move on...

Novelty Plants: Azaleas and Kalanchoes


It's not necessarily always about flowers. Consider setting out a display of succulents or flowering plants with red or white tones as an alternative or add-on gift idea. Potted plants are readily available and can be positioned as a longer-lasting expression of love or romance. Men, in particular, are always looking for a unique spin on the classic "dozen roses in a vase" idea. Prepare your shop to provide this service by having some Azaleas and Kalanchoes on-hand for panicked guys looking for a last-minute creative edge.

Proteas and Sun Palms


Valentine arrangements that include tropical flowers also offer your customers a unique option for standing out (and scoring points). Paired with the right glassware and decorative accents, traditional roses can look trendy again when peppered with protea and set against a large palm leaf as a backdrop. Funky, out-of-the-box combos like this aren't for everyone, but can create a lifelong customer when it hits the mark for those seeking something daring and unusual.

Give The "Blues" at Valentine's Day

2020’s Pantone Color of the Year is “Classic Blue.” Pantone, by the way, is a company whose very business is color They are the leading authority on colored... well, everything - from printing inks to New York high-fashion. When Pantone calls out a color, those who follow trends take notice. If your shop bills itself as being on-point with annual trends, then this is the year to give your customers the blues.

Talk to your sales representative about reserving Blue Hydrangeas for this year's Valentine designs, as well as other blue-toned flowers and hardgoods to show your customers that your offerings are up to date. Blue flower options are typically limited, as it's not exactly a popular flower color, but florists using Kennicott Direct usually find blue hydrangeas online (along with many other farm-direct flower varieties).

Tulips and Ranunculus


At Valentine's day, we're pretty much heading into the peak season for ranunculus. Why not take shake up the classic reds, whites and pinks with something other than roses? Another such option can be found in tulips, although it's a little early in their season. Still, your sales rep may be able to provide tulips and ranunculus in traditional Valentine colors. It never hurts to ask! The long stems of these alternate flowers make them perfect companions (or featured stars) in your Valentine arrangements.

Choosing The Right Vase & Ribbon


Flowers get all the credit, but flower pros know that the unsung hero of any floral creation is that in which they are arranged: the all-important vase! Clear and red glassware is available in a variety of styles, and savvy buyers can save big if they purchase cases early.

While you're picking out vessels for your amazing, romantic creations, don't forget the ribbon, waxed tissue, sleeves, flower-food and the rest of the utilitarian essentials that you'll need when the orders start pouring in. As the lead-in to Valentine's Day reaches a fever-pitch, you don't want to be caught without the tools you need to finish off your designs.

As always, your sales representative is available for special requests and consultation. Ask them about special pricing and promotions happening in advance of Valentine's Day.

Posted by Kennicott Blogs

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