Weaving Nature: Getting The Most Out Of Fresh Garland

Posted by Kennicott Blogs on May 17 2019

Today's wedding and event floral concepts are often accompanied by fresh garland; a charming accent that weaves natural textures and tones throughout any interior space. From table runners to backdrops and cake-wraps, fresh garland is available in a wide range of pre-made greens- all of which add unique qualities to the palette of your design. 

Fresh floral garland table centerpiecePhoto: Modern Day Floral, Grand Rapids, MI

Things to know when buying garland for your event

Before discussing which types of greenery to use and how to incorporate garland in your design work, its important to think about how to purchase. Always be sure to order your garland in advance. We recommend 2-3 weeks prior to the date of your event. This allows ample time for assembly, assures product availability, and gives time for your chosen greens to reach their full visual (and, in some cases aromatic) peak.

Garland is put together by the even foot.  Take the time to determine how many pieces you’ll need for your design before ordering. Be sure to NOT cut the garland after receipt, as doing so could cause it to unravel. To keep your garland fresh leading up to the event, mist with water every couple of days and store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Choosing the right greenery

Now that you are set with purchasing and caring for your garland, its time to choose which greenery is best for you. Ask your wholesale representative about the wide selection of garland available from California and Florida; they will know the best available product for your event depending on the time of year. Here are a few examples of popular garland to get you started…

Bay Leaf

A bay leaf garland centerpiece
Photo: Ludema's Floral & Garden, Grand Rapids, MI

Bay Leaf garland has a wonderfully sweet scent; a pleasant herbal fragrance that captivates guests and induces a naturally relaxing atmosphere. Casting a classic green hue, Bay Leaf garland serves as a wonderful backdrop for added flowers or on its own. Typically, the fresh bay leaves are still drying upon your garland’s arrival; they will completely dry out within 1-2 weeks unless misted properly.

Silver Dollar & Seeded Eucalyptus 

eucalyptus garland centerpiece
Photo: Ludema's Floral & Garden, Grand Rapids, MIa light eucalyptus garland
Photo: Modern Day Floral, Grand Rapids, MI

Eucalyptus is beloved for its greenish-blue color and lush texture. The curved leaves and unique aroma have secured its place as a top-choice for wedding and floral designers everywhere. Eucalyptus will maintain its color, even after the foliage completely dries out, adding to its versatility.

Nagi, Podo & Green Pitt

fresh garlan nagi podo pitt

Photos: Modern Day Floral, Grand Rapids, MI

For a cornucopia of texture and variety, consider garland with a triple mix of different greenery. One popular options includes the strong scent and grayish green leaves of Pittosporum with the thick leaves of Podo and large, deep green leaves of Nagi.

Adding fresh flowers to the mix

Garland is a great piece of décor on its own but can become even more magical with a touch of fresh blooms. Whether you use white garden roses or pink peonies, fresh flowers can bring life to virtually any mix of garland. Think of the garland as your vase and let the natural grandiosity of your bride’s favorite flowers complement the green bay leaves or blueish tones of eucalyptus within the garland itself.

Fresh garland arch wayPhoto: Ludema's Floral & Garden, Grand Rapids, MI

Fresh garland can serve as a useful canvas for adding fresh flowers to create arbors and large-scale designs. The team at Ludema’s Floral & Garden (Grand Rapids, MI) created this amazing arch without using any wire cages or foam. “We ordered the full Sprengeri/ variegated Pitt garland, and doubled it” said shop owner Allison Ludema. “Then we used corsage glue to attach all of the roses. It worked great!”

For more info on fresh garland variety and availability, contact your Kennicott sales representative. 


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