2019 Wedding Florals: Going Beyond the Bouquet

Posted by Kayla Neary on May 08 2019


Spring wedding season is here in full force, and the demand for floral décor is just as strong. While the flowers themselves always remain the focal point of these special events, the methods by which they're displayed can often be the difference between "meh" and "magnificent." From extravagant floor pieces to cascading chandeliers, that first impression comes from the presentation as much as the choice of flowers or colors.

The bridal bouquet is a time-honored staple of nearly every wedding, but the available canvas at high-end events spans well outside the arms of the betrothed. Here are three ways we're seeing designers fill the available spaces that exist beyond the bouquet.

Over-the-top Chandeliers

When created properly, hanging pieces elicit gasps of approval from guests when they walk in the room. Floral chandeliers are a great way to incorporate silks into your designs, if a permanent piece is desired. Grab a hula hoop (yes, a hula hoop) & try this fun and inexpensive tip to create the very popular "hoop" chandelier.


Start by covering the original color of your hula hoop with either paint or ribbon. Metallic accents are making a comeback, so we chose a gold metallic paint. Set the hoop aside and begin to add your greenery and flowers into your floral foam. Be sure to use dry foam for silks. Once you're happy with your arrangement, place each end of the hula hoop into the foam. This step could be tricky, try using floral or hot glue for extra security. We placed extra flowers at the top to add a bit more to the piece, and secured them with floral wire. And, that's it! A beautiful hanging chandelier that  started as a simple hula hoop!

Flower Backdrops

We’re seeing this trend EVERYWHERE right now. Flower walls are being used during ceremonies, for photo booths, and as focal points behind gift or food tables. They add a picture-perfect backdrop to any part of the big day.


Creating flower walls can be time consuming, so you have to keep those blooms hydrated during (and after) the job. We suggest using Smithers-Oasis foam tile to ensure your blooms stay fresh during the creative process and throughout the event day. Alternatively, try using silk flowers. This eliminates the worry of dehydration and still creates a stunning piece of permanent art that can either be re-used at another event, or kept by the couple as a memento of their union.

Down the Aisle

While petals and floral runners are still widely used to decorate the wedding aisle, designers have been taking it to the next level with long floor arrangements and opulent arches. Giving more attention to the entryway as a couple begins their journey together only adds to the emotion of the moment. Two people in love 'walking through the flower fields' before friends and family is a ceremonial vibe that will be remembered for a lifetime. 


Long-stem flowers, grasses and greenery are perfect for this look. Think gladiolus, palm leaf and pampas grass. 

These installation trends prove that a creative floral designer is only limited by their artistic imagination. Are you blazing a trail of your own? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook pages & Instagram; we'd love to see your work!

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Posted by Kayla Neary

Kayla Neary is the Marketing Coordinator for Kennicott Brothers. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from The University of Alabama and has previous experience as a retail florist.

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