Kennicott: One World, One Source


Location Operations Update 03.24.2020 21:30 CSDT

All locations

The following services are available during our limited operating hours:

  • "Grab-and-Go” orders
  • Call ahead and we will have your order ready for no touch pick at all locations


  • We are delivering with No Touch protocols in place. Please call for details

Michigan & Florida Locations

  • Re: Bucket trucks sales: We are temporarily suspending Bucket truck operations
  • We will continue to offer call & deliver service to all route customers

Nationwide Delivery

  • Available via FedEx shipping from our locations and network of fresh flower suppliers


Fresh Flower Purchasing Updates 03.17.2020 16:30 CSDT

Our supply chain for fresh flowers, decorative greens and plants remain uninterrupted from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and the US. We continue to publish Market Fresh and Merchandiser promotions to help you make the best buying decisions.

Our Online tool, Kennicott Direct, is available with a good selection of product. We are anticipating fewer arrival dates depending on location.

We will have a shipment to Miami over the weekend, with product arriving at locations early to mid-week. All orders should be given to your salesperson to source.

All remains normal, with 2 flights a week to Chicago.

The country is on lock down until further notice.

The direct flight to Miami on El Al airlines is now canceled.



Dutch Webshops temporarily disabled 03.16.2020 09:30 CSDT

Due to travel restrictions from Europe, we have temporarily disabled our Dutch webshops. We will re-open the shops as soon as we have more information. If you had already placed an order, please email Laura Brockmeyer (laurab <at> kennicott <dot> com) to confirm the arrival date. Please reach out to your salesperson for information on substitutions and to place any upcoming orders from Holland. Our teams will be monitoring the air freight situation daily. We will confirm with you when product is moving and will be available for pickup or delivery.

We regret any related inconvenience, and look forward to moving past this situation as quickly as possible.



Fresh Flower Purchasing Updates 03.13.2020 13:00 CSDT

Our farms and suppliers from South America are not seeing interruptions in cargo service. We are expecting product to flow from the farms in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico to be normal. West Coast product supply has not been affected so far.

For our international sources there are some challenges. The travel ban to and from Europe could affect our ability to source product. Our shipments from Holland and Italy currently transit through London which is NOT restricted. If the flights continue as scheduled, we expect these shipments to move normally. If the flight schedules and cargo capacity on passenger flights is reduced, we are working on securing freight space with cargo carriers. We are hoping the connection remains smooth. We will advise if the ordering time frames need to be adjusted.

Each of our locations relies on this European supply chain to get your flowers to Chicago, New York or Miami on a weekly basis. The ordering schedule right now; Place your order with our location on Mon/Tue/Wed, receive your flowers by the following Mon or Tue. This varies based on the arrival day and transit to the location. We have multiple arrivals per week into each port. If there is a change in this supply chain, we will do everything we can to get product to Chicago and transfer out to our locations. We will work diligently to keep you informed if the ordering time frames change.

Other areas we import from use cargo freighters to move our shipments. We are not seeing any interruption in this service at this time. Product like dendrobium from Thailand would be in this group. Product from Israel flies directly to Chicago and is not affected by the travel ban. As the pandemic continues, we will update this information frequently.



A Message from Red Kennicott 03.13.2020 11:00 CSDT

Thanks for being our customer!

We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you grow your business and provide flowers and supplies to your customers. We are here for you as we all work together to manage our businesses and our customer relationships during this ever-changing landscape. Kennicott wants to be smart by providing you with the facts that we know when we know them; be practical with our solutions during this complex time, and be compassionate with people as everyone figures out how to do business through this situation.

What Kennicott is Doing Right Now –

  • We are being Smart by following the current guidelines with our employees on personal hygiene and we are maintaining our branches based on current CDC protocols.
  • We are being Practical by securing the logistics of flowers and supplies to support your business right now and using our network of 17 locations to ensure you have the flowers you need. Our website will have the most current information on business changes.
  • And, we are being Compassionate with you as your customers challenge you with changes, cancelled orders, or pushed out to later dates.

Our goal is for you to continue to feel confident in placing orders with us for future work. Kennicott has always supported our customers and we truly understand the challenge that arises for all of us when your customers’ needs have changed. Communication is the key to the best solutions when these changes occur. Please let us know as soon as any problem arises to that we can work together to arrive at the best solution.

We have always partnered with you to get it right. During this time of change, we will continue be a trusted partner with you and a strong advocate for you.

Thank you for your continued trust in Kennicott, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you, our customer.

Harrison "Red" Kennicott